We absolutely love Christmas. Always have and always will. 

Mum and I have been in business together since 2018 where we started up Alice and Darcy ltd,  with the subsidiary business Totally Lampshades. We are the real definition of a family business and we love creating special items for the home, but there was just one little thing we felt that we really wanted to do but we just hadn't had time to create it. A CHRISTMAS SHOP. This is where The Winter Grotto began, we wanted to have a store that had a variety of handmade and hand picked goods that really oozed the essence of Christmas. So sit back and have a read, this is what we hope you feel when you look around our online store.....

We hope you are sitting comfortably (with a nice cup of hot chocolate), then I will begin. Picture yourself moving through the bustle of a Christmas Fair. The chestnuts are roasting and the sweet aroma of Mulled Wine stalls fills your lungs. You look around, there is colour and magic everywhere you look. Dazzling Christmas tree decorations shimmer and glisten in the gentle glow of the street lights and wonderful gifts capture your imagination in all directions. As you are standing there you feel warm and content. Suddenly, something cold hits you ever so gently and you realise it is actually snowing. 

Please enjoy.